How small business owners are dramatically decreasing their marketing budget, cutting costs on employee benefits and contributing far less towards payroll taxes, while at the same time doubling and tipling their sales volume.

If you have been running ads on Craig’s List and other job outlets hoping the perfect social media expert will come walking through your door, then stop this madness and realize that there are no social media experts out there searching for full-time jobs, let alone on places like Craig’s List.

Ask yourself: “Why would I ever trust my company’s facebook page to a rookie marketer with little or no experience?”

Business owners all across the nation are starting to realize there is more to facebook than what they previously thought. In the past, you may have hired any college aged kid, with some sense about them, to simply “post something” on your company’s facebook page.

Let me ask you this: Would you hire some college age marketer to send out a $25,000 direct mail marketing campaign with no prior results or past accomplishments to base the campaign results from? “NO” I didn’t think so. So why would you hire just anyone to “post” random, unmethodical content on one of your company’s most profitable advertising platforms, Facebook?

As you read this, you may think, “What do direct mail and a company facebook page have to do with each other?”, and the answer is simple: They are both powerful marketing tools. Only facebook is 86% more effective than direct mail and 100% less expensive than mailers. Yet many business owners choose to ignore this fact, and let just anyone post crap content on their facebook page, that sends your customers running into your competition’s arms.

Instead of scaring customers off by posting irrelevant content that has nothing to do with the monetary goals you have set for your business, it’s time you started using facebook to attract your perfect customer, compel them to buy your stuff and then send their friends to you as referrals, like it’s supposed to work.

You can ask everyone who walks in the door of your business to “send you a referral” and about 1 out of 100 may actually send you a direct client from it. OR You can ask everyone who walks through your door to check in or tell their facebook friends about your business, and you will find that 9 out of 10 customers are more than happy to share your awesome business on facebook for you.


As a business owner, I’m sure you are aware the most profitable marketing campaign in the history of sales is the McDonald’s “Would you like fries with that?” pitch. If you work for McDonald’s and you forget to ask the customer for an up-sell, after the third infringement you are fired. The whole McDonald’s empire was built by simply asking for the business. And not in a pushy or salesy way either. They simply ask if you “would like some” and you say “Yes” or “No” simple as that and no one is ever offended.

You can do the same exact thing with Facebook and your business. If you are not using your employees, customers, friends, family and even your pet Chihuahua’s Facebook page to spread the word about your business and how awesome you are, guess what, your competition is. And if they are not doing so already, they are probably reading this very same letter at the same time you are.

If you are tired of paying for someone to dilly-dally on your company’s facebook page, and you are ready to start converting friends and fans into customers and clients, then it’s time you put a stop to the perpetual cycle of madness that is currently
sucking time and money away from you. Start seeing the sales results you originally set out to see when you opened your business.

But you don’t have time to learn how to use facebook…

I get it, Facebook is complicated and not exactly easy to understand. There are rules, etiquettes, hierarchies and so on, that you can’t just learn from some magic course or by paying $1,000 an hour to a REAL Facebook expert. It’s not like there are not already enough “to-dos” on your plate as it is. You run a business, have budgets, employees to manage and all that other “fun” stuff you probably never set out to do when you opened your doors. Never the less, it still has to be done. Even if you ignore it with everything you have, Facebook marketing is not going anywhere. Matter of fact, it’s only getting bigger.

So why continue to put off what needs to be done today? You can’t get results tomorrow from actions not taken today. I’m here to assist you in actualizing the results you keep “hearing” about regarding facebook marketing.

My name is Ryan Stewman and I have been called the “King of Social Media Sales” for years now. Each and every month my name is searched online over 3,000 times. Companies have relied on me as their marketing “ace in the hole” for years.

Back in 2008 I stumbled on to a unique concept around facebook that was not originally met with a loving embrace. I found a way to sell just about anything using facebook. At first people would say things to me like “facebook is for friends not business, go to linkedin” and even though they thought they were right, they were wrong. Facebook is the place for business.

Think of facebook no differently than email, text message, blog post, phone call and video chat all rolled in one. It’s the only website every single person you know is a member of. If you understand that there are over a billion people on facebook and the average response rate of a facebook’r is 96%, then why would you let anyone other than a full-fledge expert touch your company’s most precious piece of marketing materials?

It’s my job to make this whole process easy for you. You don’t need to invest a ton of time learning some elaborate web traffic scheme, or blueprinting some perpetual SEO pattern. All you have to do is fill out the form below. Once the form is submitted, my assistant will call you back to schedule your free social media strategy session with me personally. We won’t talk about anything but your business, your needs and what plan of action you can take immediately to increase sales through facebook marketing.

Before you fill the form below out know one thing: I’m only taking 8 new clients on this month. I’m
1000% dedicated to the success of my clients and I never want to spread myself too thin to give the attention and to produce the results my clients want. Also know that you are one of 1000s of business owners reading this right now. The sooner you decide to take action and take control of your facebook page, the sooner we can start making YOU the money you deserve and also start earning you the money back you’ve lost, from [mis]using facebook in the past.

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